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Sunday, November 04, 2012

One Flight! No Fear!!

I've outdone myself on the crazy factor with this trip!  In an effort to Save $$$ by using airline miles I will need to fly separately (with Vi and puppy) from dad and the two older kids.  That's not the crazy part.

We need to wake up at 3:30AM! - wait, WHAT?

We need to drive to Miami (one hour away)!! oh MAN!!  We hate that airport!

Once we get to Texas, we all fly into Dallas airport arriving about 2 hours apart, and THEN we need to drive to Odessa, TX which is 6 hours away.  All because it cost $750 MORE to fly into Odessa which I might have even considered doing except that I couldn't book ANY flights with my miles into Odessa for the days we wanted to travel so I gave up and booked us on the crazy train - I mean flight.

Husband's reaction to this trip thus far:

Today we have scheduled into our day a practice session.  Husband will work out how to strap the car seats to the luggage and I will practice piling kids, carryon, dog and one car seat onto the stroller with a baby straped to my chest.  To help husband work through his anxiety for this trip, I've created a helpful chart, showcasing all the stuff we need to take to Texas along with a very helpful title that he can hopefully chant all day long when things get tense.

It will be fun!  It will.  Leaving next Saturday, so stay tuned to Facebook and/or Twitter for our live updates all day long, because it will take us from 3:30am EST until approximately 8pm CST to reach our destination.  And if we cave and get a hotel halfway it will be okay, we will get there!  Eventually.  And at least it's better then driving for 3 days, or so I will tell myself over and over - until it's over.

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