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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hurray for Random Tuesday, a super cool place created by Keely @ "The Un Mom", head over and check out the coolest graphics in the bloggisphere! She makes me want to read comic books and dream about Canadian bacon.


Today's randomness found in international travel

- While traveling I love to watch kids and how their parents treat their behaviors. For example, in Dallas airport, I watched a mom patiently try to council her toddler who was doing the exact same thing I've seen Charlotte do many times "MINE MINE MINE, GIVE ME THE CHIPS NOW"! And the parent was trying her hardest to teach the child that this negotiation strategy was unrealistic and completely improper.

- Upon my arrival in Vietnam airport I again witness a defiant toddler who shook all the crackers out of the bag and into her lap/floor while angry mother buzzed/fussed/scolded the unrepentant child. I also observed the toddler rip off her pants in further defiance and was shocked to note no diaper! So do they basically potty train them as soon as they start walking here? Is it like, if you mess up you have to deal with it kid? I need to figure this out. Is it possible we spend too much time coddling our kids because we are so afraid of cleaning up more mess? The child then grabbed a water bottle and drank out of it, without spilling it on herself. How often do I still give Charlotte "safe" sippy cups and straws to prevent mess. This just might revolutionize my parenting! Could I honestly just remove diapers and let her figure out potty training on her own while cleaning up after her? We do have tile floors. Unconventional? Maybe, but think of the $40.00 saved every month on diapers.

I know, I know, my delusional thinking is getting worse. It must be the spicy kimchi had with every meal.


lynette355 said...

I do not know how you get so lucky but I am so so so envious of your trip right now. Sure there are the downs to it...but the ups have to be amazing.

Thanks for the stop by...so appreciated! And know this TEXAS gal is glad your hanging in there so well.

Greasycog said...

Maybe Asians are right! We should immediately enroll both kids in gymnastics/martial arts and music classes! I'm sure Sam can handle playing Flight of the Bumblebee on the piano by the time he's a year old.

The Crazy Coxes said...

My son lived in Cambodia for two years and we went to tour the country with him last summer. Most of the babies didn't wear diapers. It's the cost. They can't afford diapers. The babies go and they clean them up and move on. I am guessing that Vietnam is much the same.

VandyJ said...

I'm dreading the potty training thing with bruiser--and procrastinating it as well. I am thinking a boot camp of nakedness and the potty chair are going to be the way to start things on a warm weekend this summer though.

Kristine said...

Oh I really don't miss the diaper days or the tantrums. I have tween attitude instead. oh joy. LOL

Happy RTT!

Melanie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Happy Random Tuesday to you as well

Caz said...

Everyone I know who does the "take the diapers off and let them just figure it out" swears by it. We have carpet, so I'm not so eager, but my almost 2-year old is eager to be just like his big sister and wear underwear, so we might just invest in a carpet cleaner and be done with it.

Happy RTT!

crazywildberry said...

I am in high hopes that Little Lady will be our youngest one to get potty trained. She is almost 2 1/2. Little Man was 3 years 9 months till he was potty trained. It took him another month to figure out the pooping stuff. Princess was 3 years 3 months until she was potty trained. With over two years between them and with a year of nursing the younger, I held off until I could focus on getting them to the bathroom when necessary. Since we don't have any little ones on the way, I can now focus on getting her trained. She is on a routine and I can almost time when she will relieve herself. So, it's time to get this going.

If you plan on training Charlotte soon, here are some pointers:
Don't use Pull-ups or other training pants that looks or feels like a diaper. If it looks or feels like a diaper, your child will go in it like it's a diaper. At least this has been my experience. Get training pants (thick panties) or regular panties. Yes, there will be mistakes, but you just clean and go.
Also, get a potty chair that sits on the floor and when that is mastered, get a potty seat that fits on the toilet. The potty chair makes them feel more secure, the potty seat is so you can stop cleaning up poop and pee. Just flush and go with the potty seat. :)

I have two that whine. While I have tried a lot of methods that didn't work, this one works the best. When they are done whining for whatever they want, I ask them in a normal voice, "Is that the way you are supposed to ask for ___________ from me?" They respond with a no. "Well, what is the way you are supposed to ask me for _________? Then they ask, politely, "May I have __________, please?" I don't know if Charlotte is whining, but I bet with some training this method would work for her even if she is just yelling. It may take some time as their bad habits can get pretty ingrained, but give it a try it you haven't already. If she continues to whine time in a room or a corner might be a good idea to let her think and calm down. Blessings!

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that in the US if you even consider a light smack on the behind for clearly unacceptable behavior someone is just waiting to call Child Services on you. In other countries it is less frowned upon. The diaper free thing... I don't get that at all. Seems like more work or a stinky kid. I don't recommend either.

Caterina said...

There is a lot of chatter right now about too much coddling from American (and the West) parents. Stemming from a book that came out, you probably already heard about it, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua.

And ditto everything crazywildberry said about potty training. Totally agree!

Very cool how your international observations unite mothering worldwide.