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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hurray for Random Tuesday, a super cool place created by Keely @ "The Un Mom", head over and check out the coolest graphics in the bloggisphere! She makes me want to read comic books and dream about Maple Syrup (which is sadly missing here in Asia).

Indochina Time Zone (Vietnam)

I'm back in Vietnam for week 2. It's an unplanned trip but things conspired to make it necessary to return. Random observations in arrival and in 2-3 hour drive to factory:

In the airport, I stand in customs line and observe a father and son. The boy is Charlotte's age and sleeping on his dad who puts him down to rearrange his backpack. In this exchange the boy wakes up and demands a bottle. He raises it high to drink. I ask the dad if I can take his picture and he nods yes with a huge smile, as I aim the camera the little boy gets very angry and hides behind his dad. Sorry I say, no photo today. He climbs back in his dads arms and eyes me suspiciously.

My driver is 10 minutes late, I freak out, text my boss & director of ops while dialing the factory manager before he shows up and directs me to stand outside while he gets the car. It's only my 3rd time here, don't laugh, I wanted to see a sign with my name on it!!!

On the drive there are endless rice fields to observe.

There is beauty in vast fields of rice that have not been industrialized and paved over. I suppose it's only a matter of time. Our company is already building a 2nd factory and spending several months to pave over a rice patty. Apparently it takes quite a bit of effort to fill in a watery patch of land.

I notice communities of people gathered at the edge of rice fields, an impromptu game of football (soccer) breaks out.

Families bury their ancestors on the rice patties, a little shrine sits in a corner.

Along the drive I even see shrine dealers, similar to what you might find in the US when shopping for grave stones.

Motor bikes (scooters) ride down raised hills between rice patty squares. I wonder, how do they keep track of which rice patty has been raked last? These fields are so vast!

Old ladies bent double from years of working the rice fields.

Cows wander in and out of patties, up and down embankments, right up to the road to graze aimlessly. I wonder who guides them back to shelter at night? They seem quite independent but with tags.

So what do I like most about Vietnam? The fruit! The mango's are so good! My dinner is a stir fry with mango sauce, shrimp, cashews and fresh veggies. What a lovely dish! Better food than my Hong Kong hotel, but less independence here. Not that it really matters, I'm in for the night.

Finally, today is International Woman's Day! The factories workers (predominately women) left at 5pm to celebrate (usually leave by 6). All along the roadway were flower sellers with huge gorgeous bouquets in heart shapes, our R&D room had several deliveries of flowers from the factory manager. What a lovely celebration!!

Happy Random Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

That's not a place I'd ever think I'd want to go to but you describe it really well. I bet it certainly is an experience. Happy Tuesday!

R. Molder said...

Thanks, I didn't really have a choice but it's got nice caring people.

VandyJ said...

Wow, sounds like a beautiful place. Hope your trip is going well and that you get everything you need to done.

Heavenly Savings said...

I would love an opportunity to go somewhere different! How fun! I’m a new follower Happy Tuesday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

Kristine said...

Enjoy your visit!

Happy RTT!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Isn't it so fascinating to see other cultures and how people live? I love your descriptions!

crazywildberry said...

The cows go home (for shelter/ to be milked) when their instincts tell them. If you observe a herd of cattle for long enough, they have a set schedule. When they are full, they head towards the barn to be milked. I bet it's that way there too.

Your random observations were interesting today. I enjoyed this post as I do all of yours. Safe travels! :)

Stacy Uncorked said...

I would've wanted to see my name on a sign, too. ;)

Love how descriptive you are with the area - makes me feel like I'm right there! Safe travels! :)

Plague, Blonde Moment, Stalker - RTT

Keely said...

I've never seen my name on a sign in an airport!

Vietnam isn't somewhere on my 'to-visit' list, but I'm jealous of your travels anyway :)