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Monday, February 28, 2011

So I guess Facebook is blocked in Vietnam?

What's next - MY BLOG???? Okay so you've had fair warning, if you don't hear from me for 2 days then I've entered a country where social communication is blocked.

I'm so used to being tuned into the 100 thoughts of friends/family/acquaintances that to lose access is like cutting off a limb!

While SKYPE'ing with my husband, he logged into my account and informed me there had been no new activity. That's even worse! No one misses me!!!! So fine, I'm on a forced break, grumble snarl spit.

Today's report is I seriously entertained the idea of bringing my kids and husband to Vietnam for 3 months. Don't know if it's delusional thinking from being here alone and wanting the company of my family - I'll likely get home and decide I was quite mad and am staying in the comfort of my own home forever and ever but see that's exactly why I want to try this. If I "stay" inside my comfort zone I'll never have any cool stories to tell.

For example - several years ago, in a land before kids - our friends from Pittsburgh dragged us to the Everglades in deep south Florida. It was a horrific camping experience on the night that it rained, drenched our tent, gave husband bronchitis because his back was to the wet side while I stayed snuggled in the inner sanctum staying mostly dry. We canoed within 5 feet of giant alligators and had a very memorable time.

So delusional or not, if I can talk everyone into supporting me then maybe this little trip will happen. Oh wait - THREE months without Facebook - how will I ever survive!!! I mean, how will the world survive without ME!!!!!!

1 comment:

crazywildberry said...

It never crossed my mind that their communism would go that far, but I guess that's the way it is. I wouldn't survive there either.

I was thinking about posting on your FB page and didn't because I know you are away and I have been posting to your blog as I can. Did Mike log onto FB or some other account?

So, what's this talk about three months in Vietnam? Why are you thinking of temporarily moving there?

And, I hope that it goes both ways. I would miss hearing about your life if you didn't surface for three whole months!! I would be the one grumbling, snarling and spitting! Argh! (BTW, If you get bored, I wrote a few new posts a little while back. Keep checking as one of these days I will write again. lol)