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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hong Kong

I made it, but my luggage didn't arrive with me. There's a shock, we arrived to the airport with 2 hours before the flight and stood in the ticket line for 1.5 hours!

So I'm here with no clothes (except what I'm wearing) in hopes they find my bag in that chaotic Hanoi airport and send it forward in the next flight tomorrow.

Just had lunch at 4pm (plane food looked scary) and going to the office.

Such is my glamorous international travel lifestyle.

Jealous? Yeah I know you are.



Unpolished Parenting said...

Oh no!!! I hope your luggage is found asap!

*ps cute header :)

Amanda said...

Love the header...especially the Amelia Earhardt look. :)
Nothing like being in a foreign country with nothing but the clothes on your back...hope you get your stuff soon!

crazywildberry said...

My sister went to Greece to visit a friend and didn't get her luggage until almost a week went by. And she is tall. About 6 inches taller than her friend or her friend's sister. So, she had to improvise a lot. Hoping you get your luggage soon!

Caterina said...

Boo :( International travel without your stuff = sucks! So sorry to hear it. Hope they find it fast!