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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finally home!

Home - for about 3 weeks, then I return to Asia for another 2 week trip. That makes these 3 weeks extra important for time spent with children and getting stuff done - like taxes!

It took us 3 days to drive home from Texas, on the 3rd day we got home at midnight.

The cats trashed our home, it took extensive cleaning before we could let the children out to play the next morning. Bad cats, sometimes I wonder what we were thinking when we got 3 ten years ago.

So glad it's the weekend, but just realized we are out of coffee so time to pack the kiddo's into the van and get some coffee!

I can't find my previous blog header :(

Coming home can be disorienting.

1 comment:

crazywildberry said...

Hope you have a great three weeks home till you have to set sail again. And, sorry it took an agonizing three days to travel from TX to FL. That seems like a lot.

Sounds like the Welcome Home party the cats had for you got started a little early and got a little out of hand. They meant well... Sorry about the clean up you had to do.

By the time I am commenting, you've found your header. I like the new pictures you added. I really liked that header for the Asian trip too. You are very creative. :)