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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Continued Thanks

91.  when my husband and kids walk me to the car.
92.  my mom's voice every weekend, especially when I'm on the other side of the world!
93.  my sons voice as he explores new sounds
94.  comfortable walking shoes
95.  a variety of owned baggage to tote my belongings around the globe
96.  knowledge that with random events comes Gods faithful guiding hand 97.  including missing baggage delivery in airports, avoidance of strange weather in a cross country drive, baby's first fever while parents are away.
98.  Brown eggs in Vietnam, my dad loved brown eggs, it's familiar.
99.  Constant phone communication
100. New breast pump that works beautifully
101. Clean bathrooms with soap and disposable towels!
102. the privilege to travel internationally and see other cultures
103. my daughters wonderful observations such as "mommy is stuck in the computer" while SKYPEing
104. SKYPE, while I'm in Asia.
105. clean hotel laundry in neat bags, wrapped like new
106. new friends who care about my safety and well being.
107. bright sunny days!
108. comfortable walking shoes that last for years and still look professional.
109. for Sunny, who is a Christian woman and teaches me to be gentle and kind.
110. freshly baked bread with melted butter
111. mint tea with honey when throat is sore and eyes are heavy with home sickness
112. advice from strangers on how to save money
113. a quiet reminder to refill my phone card (is it from God?). I like to think so, especially when it means a call to my husband later and otherwise would have been out of time.
114. a Hong Kong office with some of the nicest caring people, I can be very thankful for this because there were many years I traveled with very little support.
115. obedience
116. fresh mango every day in Vietnam
117. fresh fruit for breakfast at Vietnam airport
118. that my old breast pump lasted up to the minute my new pump arrived, shipped to me by my husband from the other side of the world 2 days prior when I said it might be breaking, better send a new one.  What a miracle!!
119. it is well with my soul, it's true, after listing thanksgivings it really is well in my soul.
120. for a dusty rose scarf that looks so pretty with my wardrobe,
121. 7mo's happy motorboat noises
122. a husband willing to drive the family on cross country trip.
123. answers to prayer, especially for a family crisis in which 2 year old is constipated on cross country trip.
124. returning to a place called home after being gone for 2 weeks
125. neighbors willing to help watch our cats while we are on vacation
126. fresh chocolate oatmeal banana muffins on the porch in spring

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