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Friday, March 04, 2011


16 hour work day - too long! Blame co-worker who meticulously went through 2 factories causing us to reach the 3rd at 5pm. We then spent 3 hours working and had to do the obligatory 2 hour dinner - at 8pm! Dinner was usual Chinese dishes - goose feet with mushrooms, green vegetables, crispy shrimp that had been cooked in their shell (apparently you are supposed to eat the entire shell), crispy chicken (meaning slices of chicken with thick crispy skin), beef with green beans, dumplings, soup and finally my request - Thai fried rice. I learned 5 years ago to always request fried rice for dinner. It's almost always eatable in a world of unrecognizable foods.

I should have known it would go this way. 3 factories in one day is never an easy trip into China. Next time must bring contact case and glasses. 16 hours is a painfully long time to wear contacts.

Now for a weekend relaxing in Hong Kong before 2nd grueling week starts.


crazywildberry said...

Wow! These must me huge facotries! That IS an insane weekday.

Dinner sounded "interesting" until you added your request. I would have been a little squimish about the other dishes too. Good to know you can always call in your favorite back-up dish to make sure you will be able to eat and not have a bothered stomach later.

Oh, dear! Hope your eyes hold out for their long work days next week!

Have a fabulous weekend, my cute world traveler. Your posts are fun!

Caterina said...

Goose feet?!