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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 2: Drive home

We never made it to Shreveport yesterday. Sam started crying hysterically at 10pm so we spent the night in Tyler, TX. We had a miserable time getting him to sleep; he had slept all day in the van and was wound up tighter than I’ve ever seen him. To make matters worse the hotel didn’t have a crib or playpen. We were so tired we thought we could try a make-shift bed with a drawer covered in blanket but he had on room to turn over so he got more upset. We ended with putting him between us in the Queen size bed and he rolled between us all night. I don’t get co-sleeping, it was the most distracting night of my life.

New rule – hotel must come with crib or playpen from now on. Only aiming for La Quinta Inns at this point!

We all woke up at 7:50, left hotel by 9, had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and on the road by 10:15am.

It’s been a fairly pleasant day, kids are both broken in and dealing with the all day ride very well.

Currently the time is 4pm and we are still in Louisiana. Still 15.5 hours from home!!!!


crazywildberry said...

I hope you all make it in one piece! One thing, I hope for your safety and sanity. Two, if you can make it in one day, that would give me a sense of peace about my long trip awaiting me. Keep us all posted. I hope this trip becomes more peaceful for all of you. I know it must be rough for Sam not seeing you for a couple weeks and then not getting held by you on the trip. Call me if you need to talk.

Anonymous said...

FWIW...it's the super rare Hilton family hotel (hampton inn, hilton garden inn, doubletree, homewood suites, and hilton that doesn't have cribs/pack n plays.

Best of luck

PS--I hate cosleeping with E too. When she was litte and stayed in her swaddle, it was fine (although my arm often woke up dead). Now she kicks. No. Thank. You.

Unpolished Parenting said...

It sounds like its been an exhausting couple of days! Hang in there and hope you all make home safely!