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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Writer’s Workshop: About Me

I'm about to turn 35; there is something about 5's that makes one pause and consider the past and future.

Reflection on last 10 years
The year I turned 25 I got married, we financed our first vehicle purchase, I graduated from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a degree in Industrial Design and got a job at a small, start up toy firm where I'm still at today. We convinced Hasbro to buy our Monsters, Inc. plush line and sold millions that year; enough to finance a move to California to do a joint venture with another company that lasted 2 years.

California was amazing; husband and I enjoyed our life tremendously but it was too expensive to buy a home and Florida was looking like a more affordable place to raise a family so we moved back when the boss said time to return.

2nd life in Florida was fun for two years and then it got monotonous. I tried to fill the gap by going back to school for an MBA but got bored and impatient with all the classmates with no work experience and nothing to contribute. I decided instead to pour myself into work and traveled throughout Asia for 3-4 week stints, several times a year. I eventually moved up to Director of Product Development where I manage 100+ projects with a super fun creative group.

We started our little family in 2007 with Charlotte born in June 2008 and Sam born in July 2010. Don't ask me if we are having more, we are still getting used to these two!
Current life
Along with the two kids, we have one dog, three cats, a fish tank and lots of hungry ducks who visit every day and identify our 2 year old as their new best friend.

My husband is a stay at home day Monday - Thursday and works as a dog trainer on Friday and Saturday.

We have Sunday's off as a family together where we attend church at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale.

I started this blog 4 years ago this month to record my travels to Asia and let friends and family know what's going on in our lives because we live alone in South Florida. Husband's family is in Texas, my family and close friends are in the Maryland/Pennsylvania area.

But more than just family and friends - this blog has grown into a friendly place for readers of all countries, faiths and working professions. I count Atheists, Mormans and Christians as dear friends. Through Working Mommy Wednesday I've met doctors, lawyers, scientists, fitness instructors and government employees! I've learned tons of great ideas from my favorite home educator Grit. This has become a favorite place for me to share stories and read your stories. I just want you to know you are all welcome regardless of your background, I will not judge you.
Future life
I've never been good at projecting future goals, life just seems to happen regardless of my plans. However I would like to find time to get involved with some local charities but with two small young ones it might take some time to fulfill that dream.

I would also like to move closer to family but we are stuck in our condo right now with a lousy market so it might take some time to make this dream work out.

Regardless, we will continue to enjoy the local beaches and weather until life takes us elsewhere.


Unpolished Parenting said...

:) I'm glad to really know more about you! Sometimes when you stumble onto a blog you just like the person right away, but don't know much about their history. Thanks for sharing! Oh and I've never been one for planning the future life...

crazywildberry said...

I would love, as I have said many many times before, for you to move north. Although, I am so blessed that when I do splurge and get the tickets to go to FL, that I have awesome friends to stay with.

I love that you write. I feel closer to you due to this blog. It's as if I can sit and chat with you anytime, because our schedules are so different. So, until you move north, this is your sofa that I get to occasionally sit on and catch up with what's going on in your life.

Christy said...

as a first time visitor I really enjoyed reading this about you. How exciting!

It's always interesting to see how life grows and changes along the way. It's also nice to see another family with a stay at home dad.

I think I'm going to check out the working Mom Wednesdays for sure!

Miss. C said...

Oh how I have missed you....reading your blog!!! I am so happy that my time back was just in time to read this one!!! I am very jealous that you get to "enjoy the local beaches" and I love this post! Helps to get to know you better!!!

Suburban Turmoil said...

Love this, and I have loved reading about your life over the last few years. I'm glad to "know" you, Rachel! Hope we get to meet in person some day.

Grit said...

and this is a very friendly place to come and hang out!