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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Pepper Shaker and Survey phone call

Tonight I got a call for an election survey. Not a great time since I was hungry but I couldn't put Sam down since he was in a mood so I figured might as well pass the time.

I go into the kids bedroom to avoid Charlotte's noise but eventually she shows up with a pepper shaker and the lid is open!?! I continue to answer questions as she puts a finger in her mouth after touching the top - GOOD maybe that will teach her, I think. No reaction. She leaves the room and then comes back to sit on her brown chair and shake it onto her pajamas. Sigh! If I take it from her she will shriek into the phone. So I indicate furiously from the rocker that what she is doing is BAD! I rock back and forth harder and harder as she aggravates me with the pepper. She moves on to dumping it onto the brown chair until I can't take it anymore and grab it from her, and stalk out of the room. Fortunately the lady is done with her questions, Sam has finally fallen asleep and Charlotte doesn't shriek. It's over, I can finally lay Sam down, put Charlotte in bed and go eat dinner in peace.


Grit said...

... and I guess that's a dinner to which you add salt but no pepper. xx

R. Molder said...

ha ha you got it Grit, I don't think there is any pepper left. Sigh, add to grocery list!

crazywildberry said...

Haha haha haha haha! Sorry! This is so my life. Except, times that by 3!! And I usually take it from my 4-yr-old. She will squeal, but people understand they are talking to a mother. My 2-yr-old needs things taken from her too, and she is the worst for the crying, but I still would rather take it than clean up the big mess. Thanks for the laugh! :)

PS... I can't stand survey calls. It's never a good time. :-P

Julia Ladewski said...

oh that crazy girl!! i bet you kinda wish she would've taken a mouth full, huh? ;)