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Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Wedding

On the morning of our departure flight, Charlotte woke up sick with a fever. We should have immediately run out and got her Pedialite but we were distracted with packing and a Tropical Storm that was threatening to cancel flights that day - oh and there was the matter of husband's sudden back pain. I swear if there wasn't a wedding and three paid tickets + the dog's ticket we'd have called the whole thing off.

We left 4 hours before flight departure to cover all possibilities (with a storm you never know what can happen in traffic). Five minutes out of the house and I realized husband had forgotten his cowboy boots and only had Converse on his feet. Can't wear Converse to a wedding so back to the house for the boots and on the way I realized wearing sandals was a really lame idea in the rain so requested he grab my Nike's.

Ten minutes after our second departure Charlotte threw up everywhere - it hit the car seat, covered her outfit and hit the floor. Fortunately there was a Walmart nearby so we stopped and husband ran inside to buy Pedialite. While he was gone I cleaned the mess, changed her outfit and repacked the diaper bag with another back up outfit just in case. I was so thankful we had a minivan! I could not have done all this in the pouring rain with a car.

We arrived at the off-site airport parking 2 hours before departure and thankfully they bring the bus directly to our van which limits lifting and lugging heavy luggage. Then they dropped us off directly in front of curb side check in which again limited our need to carry luggage (with 2 car seats, suitcases, two kids and a dog well it's a ton of stuff). I'm so thankful of these small mercy's in travel.

Inside there were no lines; we took our time going through security with dog, Charlotte, Sam along with unpacking bag of liquids, water bottle, laptop and removal of shoes/accessories.

On the plane both kids fell asleep for the entire flight.

More to follow.

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