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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Working Mom Wednesday

Linking to Work, Wife,Mom...Life! for Working Mommy Wednesday. For this week the discussion is:

1. You know you're stressed when...

- Go to the bathroom and realize your sunglasses are still perched on your head like a headband, only it's noon, and you've already been at work 2 hours.

- Forget to take sunglasses off head when you get back to desk.

- Leave for lunch at 1pm and feel moment of panic when sunglasses are not found in purse - still on head.

2. What is in your purse?

I feel this can best be described with a photo montage.

First we start with the purse, it's from Korea. In 2003, the strap on my brand new purse that I had bought for the trip broke. My Korean partner in R&D development took the purse to the sewing room to be fixed and gave me another purse (because she's awesome like that). I didn't start using this purse until I got pregnant and had too much to carry with Charlotte/Purse/Diaper Bag/Water so this became the catch all.

Notice the net pouches on each side - one for my water bottle, one for Charlotte's sippy cup.

Two pouches in the front hold keys and iPhone.

It has a long adjustable strap so I can wear it across my body and chase after little ones without losing anything.

I know you want one now! GyaNimaru is the brand.

It may not be beautiful but I think it just needs a snazzy pattern and some fancy buckles and we'd have a winner for mom's!

As for the inside, I have an array of mini bags to hold various items like:
* clear cosmetics bag - so I can get through airport security
* vitamin bag
* comb/toothbrush set
* and the one with the round silver buckles organizes deodorant, notepad/pen, change purse, business card holder, iPod & headphones.

I wish I could tell you this is my weekend mommy purse and that on Monday I switch to a stylish working girl purse but I never seem to find the time to switch purses! Maybe it's because this one is so convenient; I never lose my keys and phone with the side pouches like I would in a deep cavernous hobo bag. AND It works brilliantly for travel with all the compartments.

Today I felt a twinge of guilt upon leaving the house in gladiator brown sandals which didn't match the bag AT ALL, nor did the remainder of the outfit - but I was running late so I didn't bother. Sigh!


Unpolished Parenting said...

I do that sunglasses thing all of the time - not because I'm stressed, mostly just because I forget! lol

Yup, forget matching! Who's got time for that? :)

Unknown said...

I too do the sunglass thing, but mostly to cover up unwashed, greasy hair!

Unknown said...

I once-recently- went almost a whole car ride with my husband complaning that I couldn't find my sunglasses. and they were on my head. I don't know what is worse that I didn't know it or he didn't notice. In both our defense, we were up with Jack a lot the night before...

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

I bought the CUTEST brown purse for myself over the summer. I am lucky and my sister is in fashion so I get really nice hand-me-downs (currently a black, Kate Spade), so I haven't bought myself one for several years. But I thought, I need to get a brown one so I can switch things out when I need to match. Yeah. That happened for about a month. I'm back to the ol' black standby. :)

Julia Ladewski said...

I am a sunglasses FREAK!!!!!! i wear contacts so the sun seems incredibly bright when i drive. i HAVE to have my sunglasses.

and yeah, i don't have a cool working girl purse either. i bet you could make some really cute flowers out of scrap fabric and pin them on there!!!! (I'll even do it for you!!) ;)

kt moxie said...

I have left my sunglasses on my head all day! My husband thinks he's funny when he asks me "Where did you leave your sunglasses?" -- just to get me to find them on my head!

crazywildberry said...

They have patterns similar to your purse for people to make that purse type. My mother has recently been making purses. Although, yours seems to have more pockets to catch things. I like it!

The smaller bags are a must too. Keeps everything in order.

And, who care if your purse matches your shoes/outfit? As long as you have what you need, I say a standby is a great thing. I often forget to transfer essentials (license, wallet, money, etc) when I transfer purses so I just keep my standby and I am good no matter what I do.

Molly Bream said...

I was laughing at that part about the sunglasses being in your head. It was really funny. Anyways, that purse looks like it could hold it all. Sure I am getting me that.