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Friday, October 29, 2010

Seriously out of breath now...

This entire week has been a roller coaster ride! When work ramps up, I work longer hours which means I get home late, kids go to bed late, I stay up late working online with Asia on SKYPE, I wake up late then spend extra time with them to compensate, go into work later (10am) then work later! Sigh!

Housework suffers. I just read a great blog post from Supermom about why "cleaning like a hotel" doesn't work. I realized that while I do make my bed every day and put one load of laundry in per day by Thursday I've got 4 loads of laundry to put away!!! So last night I compensated by staying up till 11pm folding laundry and it just so happened The Apprentice was on and folding laundry is which is the only way I can justify staying up that late.

I'm so glad it's Friday because I get off work at 1:30! Now that I have most of the laundry done I can relax and have fun with my friend who's visiting from Pittsburgh!

But wait - first I need to eat lunch, sweep/mop the floors, get groceries, pick friend up at airport by 7pm, stop by work and finish hanger card art that I couldn't finish this morning because I HAD leave work at 1:30 to meet husband at home by 2pm so he could leave for work (at least friend will get to see the really cool toy company I work for!!) After the file is finished we will come home and put the kids to bed, eat dinner and then we can hang out! Or hang out while eating. Whatever!

Okay tomorrow I'll relax because we are going to the beach!!!


Miss. C said...

Have a great time with your friend and I am glad to see you are making some time for YOU!

I can so relate to how you feel though, it just never ends!!!!

crazywildberry said...

And getting to visit with you and leaving all my house-organizing, laundry-folding, dishes-cleaning and children-rearing behind was SO good for me. Now, it's your turn! Come see me this Spring or Summer. I would LOVE that. I will take you to karaoke night with my girlfriends, some kind of fun Downtown, and back to the Art Museum you may or may not have visited back-in-the-day. Had an absolute grand time. I will have to do that again! Love you!!