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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Welcome to Random Tuesday, a fun blog hop brought to you by "The Un Mom", head over and check out her super cool graphics.

Finding efficiencies in my life -

I have a friend with 3 children who refuses to grocery shop with her kids. Before I had two, I thought why not discipline them to behave. Never judge another parent; now I prefer shop without the kids. It's faster and I preserve what little sanity I have left.

I've also found it very efficient to email the grocery list to my phone. That way I can stop at any time and get the groceries - on the way home from work, after they go to bed, on the way home from church when both kids are sleeping, etc.

News report -
This is old news but new to me - two years ago the New York Times reported a story of brides-to-be who were asking their bridesmaids to get botox and boob jobs! BOOB JOBS??? Seriously? Makes the recent wedding Charlotte was in the easiest I've ever seen. In fact, I tried to get a Bridezilla photo but the bride was so calm and sweet this is all we managed to snap:

Celebration of sorts -
- Charlotte is 2 years 4 months old today; she's growing up too fast. I realized this at the Pumpkin patch when she was less than impressed with the beautiful pumpkins. Last year she had just been walking for 2 or 3 months and every place we went was a new adventure. This year she was all MEH!

Baby on Board -
- Have you seen this sign? I used to think it meant drive carefully around this vehicle because there's a baby on board. Now that I have two kids - one who is constantly demanding gummy'
s, iPhone to play games, drinks, or whatever she's just thrown or dropped combined with random screaming/shrieking -- well I think the sign is really meant to warn other drivers that there is a distracted parent ahead.
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Every time I go to Publix, I beg my husband to let me go alone. 3 year old + 6 month old + 1 cart = Very Bad Time.

VandyJ said...

If necessary I only take one son at a time, or I take my husband and both boys--then there are two of us to keep track of little boys.

Anonymous said...

I totally email (and update) my grocery list to myself, too!

With just E, I find letting her play with her favorite counting app on the iPhone is a great way to keep her calm when grocery shopping, but with two...yikes! Back in the states, I used to get my groceries delivered a lot, too. The 10 dollar surcharge was well worth not having to take a baby out in the snow! (Although I guess you dont' get much of that in FL...grin)

Run DMT said...

LOL Great post!

Love the Baby on Board warning- Yep, be warned of moms like me totally distracted and taking forever to pull out into traffic.

There is a serious boob job epidemic in this country. Why do so many women want bigger boobs? When did this happen? So many of my friends have had boob jobs. It's crazy!

I prefer to only shop with my infant when my older kids are at school. It's so easy to shop with an infant rather 3 children. I lose my mind when I shop with all 3.

I keep shopping lists in notes on my phone. I never lose my list that way.

I'm joining RTT for the first time.

crazywildberry said...

I shop with three occasionally, but when I am done I am whipped and then I have to bring all that in and put it away. With three underfoot again. It just isn't worth it. When I take just the girls, it's hard enough. But three is a disaster. My mother took all five of us. I am positive that we drove her crazy! She had 5 kids in a 7 years 3 months span. She was nuts. I wouldn't do it. Husband thinks he can do it, but I never give him the BIG list to do. He would beg for mercy! LOL!

What is with big boobs? Do the women want them for themselves or for the men in their lives? I would like mine filled a little. From nursing three for a year each, mine sag more than I wish. However, I don't want it enough to actually do it. My preferred method would be to use some of my butt fat to fill my top. No artificial additives for this girl! And I don't need to go another cup up. Just fill so I don't sag. However, I won't do it. But if I did, that's the way I would go.

Amy Sullivan said...

So first of all, emailing your grocery list? You are light years ahead of me in the organization department. Oh, how I hate those random trips to the grocery store for one item. The email would solve that.

Next, botox for bridesmaids? I haven't heard this one! That's crazy.

Last, shopping with kids? I'm with you...leave the darlings at home!

Amanda said...

The bride story was new to me too! I can't even imagine being asked that. I told my friend to grab a dress out of her closet, she'd been in enough weddings and or nice events. She brought two...the night before the wedding! :)

Keely said...

I like grocery shopping with my kid, but I get to do it on a weekday and there's only ONE of him. Plus, he behaves because he knows he'll get a cookie at the bakery.