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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Favorite Halloween Memory

This post written in hopes of winning a new camera sponsored by SITS Blog.

My favorite memory of Halloween is from 2006. I was in Hong Kong for a three week trip and on the night of Halloween my co-worker took me out to eat at an Italian restaurant in Lang Quai Fong. I was astonished to find it packed with people in costume, face painters and vendors selling headbands, light-up gear and trinkets. I suppose I thought only American's celebrated Halloween! Blush...

I had even brought a 60's dress with bright colorful flowers but my friend still insisted that we wear headgear and bought two headbands for us to wear to the restaurant. I wore a black furry headband with two bats on springs while she wore a red band with something bouncing off the ends. We also got light up jewelry. Two grown women, giggling like teenagers with headbands and jewelry.

After being there for two weeks, this little celebration made me feel like I had a part of home with me. It was a super fun evening and I'm so glad my friend took me out for the evening. It's a part of Hong Kong I will never forget. Sadly I failed to take any photos! Sorry!!!

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crazywildberry said...

Sounds like an absolute blast!