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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Working Mom Wednesday

Linking to Work, Wife,Mom...Life! for Working Mommy Wednesday. For this week the discussion is:

#1. What was your college major and did you end up working in that career?

I majored in Industrial Design which is an industry term for Product Development. I focused on Toy Design and got my first job in a toy company where I'm still employed today. It's not an easy field to specialize in because there are not many toy jobs for the quantity of people who want to work in this field! Often times toy designers will break off and create their own toy company and sell inventions or freelance their toy designs to major toy companies. Which leads me to the next question.

#2. If you owned your own company, what benefits would you offer?

If I owned my own company it would be in toys because it's a field I know and love. I'd likely work with my husband to make hand made wooden toys since he's really good at working with wood and I'd make home made plush toys - but first I need to learn to sew. Yes I've worked with plush toys for 10 years but it's all done in Asia and I direct the development through photos and corrections made in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Benefits - if our company were to grow to include finance staff and creative I would offer the following:
  • 6 weeks paid maternity leave
  • State mandates 3 months of maternity leave so the employee could take the remaining time as unpaid, or extend the paid portion by consolidating vacation and sick days.
  • Two weeks of sick time
  • Three weeks of vacation time (from year one)
  • 100% health care coverage
  • Allow 20% work hours to be covered by telecommuting
  • Employees would be encouraged to balance their work and personal life, meaning flex hours to come in early/later and leave early/later for doctor's appointments, children events, pedicures, etc.
Paid maternity leave is something that is dear to the heart of a working mom who's husband stays home with the kids. As the main income earner I HAD to return to work as soon as possible or we'd live off of savings.
  • With my first child I took 5 weeks - 1 week unpaid, 1 week sick days, 3 weeks vacation.
  • With my second child I took 3 weeks - 1 week sick days, 2 weeks vacation (I had used 1 week of vacation already)
Fortunately I had my husband at home to care for the children so I did not panic over leaving them behind, it was chiefly my health and well being that I had to worry about. With my daughter I felt physically healthy after 5 weeks. With my son, I was not ready due to suffering from mastitis over the weekend prior to returning but I did work from home for that entire first week back so I did it at my own pace.

In both cases paid maternity leave for 6 weeks would have been adequate time to bond with my babies and get myself back together physically to feel ready to deal with the pressures of an 8 hour work day but realizing some women need more time I think the above benefits would help tremendously!

Think I'll have any trouble filling staff positions?


Jennifer said...

What an interesting job...I would be interested in hearing more about toy design and that particular field. ...joining you from WMW :)

crazywildberry said...

No, you wouldn't have any problems filling those positions. If you started your own company, I would be tempted to apply. (Although I would need some refresher courses. LOL!) :) And husband would LOVE moving south!

Julia Ladewski said...

i would totally come work for you!! 6 wks paid is better than what we get now!! i couldn't imagine returning to work after only 3 weeks. my hubs is also a Stay at home dad but i still felt like i needed to extra time to catch up on sleep and such.

i love your benefits.. you seem to have a really good plan!

Amanda said...

Working for a toy company? How fun! I love your ideas. My husband's job allows him to be with the kids all the time, so I guess he is a SAHD, but it's still hard to leave with a new baby at home.

Gina said...

Your job sounds so interesting and fun. I love all your benefits.

Corrina said...

Wow, back after 3 weeks? That's incredible! Even working from home. Just a few more weeks make so much of a difference. How great that your husband was home with the babies though :)