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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Charlotte and I played hooky from church

She has a cold and I don't want to spread it, it's not a bad cold, just a bit of a runny nose but I don't want to be labeled as "that" parent so we are not going.

But we can't stay home ALL day, that would be boring and she wouldn't nap very long. She needs stimulation, excitement - I think she needs a day at the beach! Or at least a morning until it rains.

We got a late start and missed all the quarter parking spots. Bummer. After driving around for 15 minutes we resorted to pay the $5.00 parking fee. Next time we'll be prepared to arrive BEFORE 11am. This is the law of meter beach parking.

I pile everything in one bag, grab the umbrella, beach towel and Charlotte. I really need to start lifting more weights, everything combined is getting heavy! I know, I know Hotsling is needed.

It's a hot day, tons of humidity with the impending rain, I want to take her swimming but I didn't wear my swimsuit. The water's been so rough the last few visits with rip currents and jelly fish so I didn't bother. Today's a green flag, totally safe and calm, but she's having fun in the sand, maybe it will be a clean beach day.

It's getting hotter; babies hair is wet and face is red.

We really should just go for it. I don't care if anyone sees me swimming in a black sundress. Then we see the black clouds rolling in and just as I'm packing to leave, Charlotte falls face first into the sand. It happens every single time. I keep telling her exfoliation is not necessary at this age but she doesn't listen!

She really doesn't care, but it's hard to get the sand off her face. The only thing I know that works is a shower of streaming water.

1 comment:

Grit said...

talc powder. it seems to be out of favour now, but it sort of helped get sand off legs and arms. we never had to try it that much on the face though!