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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Pre-trip jitters

So much for my initial excitement in going back to Asia. I was feeling smug because Asia was untouched by the swine flu until Friday when an infected Mexican 25 year old decided to sight see in Shanghai, then Hong Kong. Now HK is in super sensitive mode. Everyone staying in the hotel he checked into has been quarantined. Check the link, it's scary! Can you imagine being on your way out of the hotel to get a lovely Starbucks and meet a client only to be stopped by Chinese police and "health officers" and be told you CANNOT LEAVE!

I've come in and out of China for 9 years and enjoyed total freedom to come and go as I please. It will be interesting to visit during this current state of events. I wonder if my clients will decide to cancel the meeting? But I fly Monday morning and they probably fly later in the week so if they did cancel I wouldn't find out till I'm there.

Let's say I somehow get the flu, can you imagine getting interrogated by the Chinese police as to who you've been in contact with???

I got tamiflu pills, hand sanitizer and face masks. Thanks again to all who pushed my lazy ass to get the flu pills because I was really in la la mode!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Being quarantined in china is definitely a scary thought.