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Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby Temper Tantrums

We are dealing with baby temper tantrums. Working hard on the "distract and present with new situations and objects strategy" but it's getting really hard. Tonight I came home from work to find husband completely wiped out. His face drawn and haggard he told a horror story of the trip to Costco where she screamed at an unearthly pitch during the entire drive there and then refused to sit in the grocery cart. I marvel at his ability to stack the cart with bulk groceries while holding our energetic baby.

Tonight I took her to the store to buy an avocado, yogurt and wheat tortillas (I stuck to my list!!!). I elected to hold her with one arm and basket in the other - I know, I know, a Hotsling is needed! At the check out she made a pass for my wallet which I was anticipating and foiled her grab at which she screamed, flailed and - giggled? The ladies behind us distracted her with goo goo eyes. Incredibly grateful I thanked them profusely.

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