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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Day 2 in Hong Kong

I traveled by taxi to lunch at the Langham hotel, so no photos were taken. The Langham is a 5 star British hotel with incredible service and I used to stay here before they remodeled and doubled their prices. It looks exactly the same, the only real difference is a high end buffet that I like to stop by least once per trip. They always have fantastic curry dishes and to top it off a chocolate fountain and mini desserts.

At the end of my day, our Hong Kong GM sprained her ankle while on a cigarette break - mom always said those things would kill ya (cue bad joke) so I don't have to go into mainland China tomorrow. She had me terrified yesterday by saying that Monday she saw a bunch of foreigners get pulled into a room and that she'd really hate to see me get detained for a "week of observation" (cue DA DA DA music). In a cartoon sense I imagine the scene in Monster's Inc. where the Monster comes out with a sock attached and the CDC sets off an alarm and shaves him! What if I sneezed? I could be thrown in a room with nothing to do for 7 days!

Tonight I ate at Ruth Steak House - they love me there! Every time I come to Hong Kong I go there and sit at the bar so I can watch the harbor scene and the bartender remembers my name every time. It's been 18 months since I was here last! I must make quite an impression with my lovely scarf and black bag. Until that is they inquired about my dreadfully tired appearance.

Well I DID ask for my soup to go and you said oh no we don't do to go. Then I asked for a soup that wasn't on the menu and you made it anyway so I guess we're okay.

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Anonymous said...

well, I think you look beautiful. James (the 13 yr old) was amazed at the bamboo scaffolding. Hope you are sleeping well right now. Be safe and have at least a little fun.