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Saturday, May 23, 2009

She's driving me crazy

Flailing limbs
Attempting to toss herself head first off the changing pad
Flipping around in my arms
Trying to squeeze out of my arms bottom first while I'm holding something
Driving her walker full speed into a room divider causing it to fall and hit her on the head
Refusing naps
Shaking everything in sight
Reaching for everything in sight
Bored with everything already touched and examined
Inexplicably getting a scratch on her forehead the one second my back is turned
Opening a cabinet door and shutting it on her fingers.

I just don't feel prepared for this stage.


Anonymous said...

I had a really hard time about the time my son turned one.

It got much better once he got better at walking and quit hurting himself quite so much.

Hang in there.

R. Molder said...

you nailed it! The hurting herself part is terrifying! I keep doing a version of geometry in my head to calculate the angle at which she will drop from a standing position and potentially hit her head on the way down.

Anonymous said...

one word. Hotslings.