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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Reasons why I avoid Boca

because I want to buy things - like stuff I used to buy when I wasn't on a self imposed budget and I spent every penny earned. Yeah I really should have been more prudent in my late 20's pre-adult life.

Baby and I careened around the mall as she shouted AHHHHHHH in short burst intervals while leaning forward in stroller with both arms up and one comb in hand. She's so cute. I see people with babies in those strollers that force them into a lying position and I don't know how they get the kids to lay there placidly. I must be feeding her some kind of energized milk. She's like this everywhere we go.

I limited myself to the concealer and clothes for baby at Gymboree which were bought with a gift card - oh yeah and a latte. That's all! We passed the Mac store with their "we have an app for everything" signs. We passed Cartier which has armed guards inside and overheard a gentleman say to his lady friend "go ahead baby, get whatever you want" - I guess someone's feeling recession proof. One clothing store decorated their window with paper cone shaped cups - um original? We visited Lucky Brand store and didn't buy anything - yeah that's right I have self control.

Except for the chocolate croissants, habanero cheese, grapes and plain croissants bought at Whole Foods. Again, one of the main reasons I avoid Boca. I'm home now and not likely to do further damage to the monthly budget that is only 2 days old.

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Greasycog said...

You forgot to mention the bad drivers in the area (especially around that mall).