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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sorry I've been absent

Sometimes it seems like there nothing more to change. I've saved and saved in every area possible - well that I'm willing to compromise at this point in my life. Then our baby started getting into all of our books, CD's and movies and while baby proofing the house, we realized alot of stuff had to go. Here's my strategy:

- dropped off clothes and a few books (they provide a tax receipt and last year it helped increase our return by $100).

- I had to try it out. I've sold two items so far and I'm not entirely sure it worth the hassle. It seems worth it for the immediate payoff but I'm pretty sure if I do the research I'll find that I'd get more back in tax write off from a donation. I guess it comes down to immediate pay off vs annual payoff.

- Pre-baby I bought alot of books. I always dreamed of a big library and just assumed we'd jump from condo to house in 5 years and have an extra room for my indulgences. Life has not worked out that way and now that it looks like we are stuck here for an unknown amount of time we need to clear space to make room for our newest member. I packed up a file box of books - all chick lit - and posted them on Amazon. I've sold 2 books in one week and I made about $1.00 per book. Hardly worth the effort. I'm considering pulling down the remaining postings and donating the books to the public library.


Jan said...

I know what you mean about cutting all the corners you can cut. And still money just seems to be leaking out my pores. Life is expensive. And beware of the baby....they keep coming back to you even after they are grown.....

Rachel M. said...

Ha! I have to admit, I still get giddy when my parents or in laws send money.