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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Day 4 in Hong Kong

My very important meeting, the entire reason I came to Hong Kong, was this morning. It was over by 1pm and I had a sudden sense of mild panic - what to do for the remainder of the weekend? I do best with solid planning so I came back to the hotel and made a list:

1. Get Hong Kong map (request by husband who collects maps)
2. Get present for husband and baby
3. Foot powder - it's really embarrassing - my sandals stink! In taking my carry on baggage plan a little too seriously I did not pack any back up footwear. I don't know how it happened but midway through the trip I noticed the bad shoe smell is my sandals. What a nightmare! I must find a Watsons today. I remember they were stocked with all manner of personal care supplies.
4. ATM
5. Phone Card
6. Lunch

First step is Langham hotel - I know I've already been there for buffet but I remember a steak sandwich with hot English mustard. It's better then I remember. Two years ago when I stayed at the Langham, I'd eat at the rooftop poolside - it was so lovely. I don't think they'd let a non-guest eat up there so I settle in the lounge.

I stretch the time to two hours between lunch and latte while reading "The Other Queen" by Phillipa Gregory. At 3:30 I take a deep breath and march outside to rediscover a part of Hong Kong walked frequently two years ago. My feet take me confidently through the subway tunnel that directs foot traffic under a road so congested it is not permitted to cross on foot.

I find Peking Road on the other side and follow it through a strange curve in the road that my feet remember all the while getting offers from street vendors for massage, copy watch, copy handbag. I giggle as an old lady shakes this sign in my face and as I try to photograph it she keeps moving it up. I don't think she liked my intentions.

My feet rediscover a favorite purse store - ah Rabeanco, the softest leather purses in the world, can I resist?

Yes I can, fortunately the black selection is minimal or I'd have lost resolve.

It's hot, crowded and sticky - a street vendor whispers "suit - suit, custom made". The air is thick with cigarette smoke and occasionally a strong waft of fish. I discover an alley art market (every inch of Hong Kong is utilized). I buy husband Chinese health balls for $2.00.

My feet continue along a path of remembrance as I reach Nathan road and suddenly - WATSONS! I knew I could find it and triumphantly I find foot powder along with a few signs that made me giggle.

I consider my trip a success and work backwards to Langham like a homing pidgin. I'm sure there are other places to catch a taxi but I find comfort in a familiar place, plus I need to use their bathroom. An impostor, I feign guest status and march back through the well known hotel. I use their bathroom with all the confidence of a guest along with their doorman support to catch a taxi who I tell to inform the driver of my end destination as the Royal Garden hotel because for all they know I'm visiting a friend there.

ATM and phone card secured near my hotel. My list is complete, my blog finished for today. Moving onto to dinner, reading "The Other Queen", will call mom for mother's day and probably report to boss on the meeting in 2 or 3 hours. Only 4 hours left in my day!


Anonymous said...

Glad you survived your big meeting.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful writing! Felt like I was there. Have a wonderful day before the trip to Vietnam!

Suburban Turmoil said...

Jealous! Oh, and I'm reading The Boleyn Inheritance! Philippa Gregory is totally my guilty pleasure. :)