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Monday, June 01, 2009

Tomorrow I will eat bread

I took a ride on the strict diet train today. I've done it before. No carbs for an indefinite amount of time. The first week I'm a bit of a horror to be around. No energy, cranky, desperate for a noodle/chip/chocolate/ etc.

I woke up today at a chipper 6:30am and did a 2 mile walk by 7am. Thought, oooh I'll take a short break, wake baby, feed her and take her for part 2 of the walk. She was pretty groggy and wouldn't drink her bottle due to stuffy nose but gamely went for a 1 mile stroller ride.

Ate breakfast of green tea, 8oz plain yogurt and 1 scrambled egg with a tiny amount of cheese (not approved).

Lunch 4oz of tuna. Really boring!

Snack 1 cup edamame and 8oz plain yogurt

Dinner 2 cups salad greens, 8 paprika shrimp, a tiny amount of bacon bits (not approved) and blue cheese dressing (not approved).

Before bed - glass of milk

I got home from work promptly at 6pm to relieve husband to depart for work and spent the next two hours with a very cranky stuffy baby. She's usually so happy to see me. I was exausted, desperate for dinner (normally I just wait until 8pm for her to sleep). My dinner only took 10 minutes to make but she was inconsolable, every toy tossed on the floor. I know she needs to learn patience but I figure I could also come home in a brighter mood and play for a bit, zombie mom is not fun. So tomorrow I'm adding bread to the boring 4oz of tuna!

Carbs, what a difference they make.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Eat your bread sister. I can't do no carb/ low carb.... I start having cravings for "bad" things like bananas or oranges. I am just adapting the LA Weight Loss diet I did and lost 70 before Abby.

Kiss Charlotte for me.