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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Day 1 in Hong Kong

Would you believe I'm still awake and not tired at 10pm? It's like I took super woman pills or something. By all rights, I should be knocked out right now, instead I'm having a Curry and contemplating ordering Monday's episode of 24 from iTune's for $2.99. I can't seem to get the episode to download for free on Fox's website.

What have I done with my day? Well I got up at 7:15am after 3 hours of sleep. At 8:45 met the company's HK General Manager who marched me down to the subway to get passport photos. We then met the Visa agent in the subway and handed off my Visa and photos for immediate processing. Hong Kong is so efficient like that, what other city do you know of that you can make a phone call and summon a Visa agent in the subway tunnel?

After lunch we marched back through the same subway - did I mention the subway is a duel purpose of underground tunnels for people to walk under the city AND take the subway "train"? This time purpose was to visit the Hong Kong visa office to process my China Visa. Do you see the really little sign that I've highlighted in yellow that says China Visa? How does anyone find anything around here?

How about some bulk dried seafood? Ummm dried prawns, I did forget to pack snacks.

I am endlessly fascinated with bamboo scaffolding. GM asked if we use this in the US - I laughed, we have too many safety requirements I inadvertently stated to which she comments that many people hurt their hands binding the bamboo but they are very strong.

I proudly present 7-11, because there might be some 'Merican's who think it's the same as in the US. Ha!

Click on the photo to see the detail, you might recognize a few products, most are Chinese.

Finally I said hi to baby and husband on SKYPE right around her 9am nap (9pm here) and after listening to me ramble on and on she cuddled up and went to sleep. Awwwww, maybe she thinks I'm there with her. How did I make such a cute baby?

PS. this is my 200th posting, quit fitting since my blog started in Hong Kong. Sounds like someone could have been a tad more grateful at a chance to "see the world". Hurmpt!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on 200th posts.

I'd love to see Hong Kong someday - thanks for sharing your travels.

Potty Mummy said...

Sounds great. And isn't Skype a godsend? Now GET SOME SLEEP!