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Friday, February 24, 2012

I hate kids bicycles and Sam desperately needed new shoes

4pm - MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to go OUTSIDE!

Well it is a lovely 84 degrees, why not?

As soon as we go outside I get a work call and try to discuss serious issues while extracting Charlotte's bicycle from the corner and removing a spiderweb at the same time.

Then Sam cries because he wants something with wheels. Phone call ends and we attempt to take a walk, with the dog and Charlotte on her tricycle riding precariously close to the edge of the sidewalk and ignoring me as I instruct her to ride in the center of the walk. She falls off the bike and into the grass - twice - and declares she is done riding the bike. I really thought once she learned to petal the bike we'd be past the stage of me dragging the bike home! Honestly! What cruel person invented bikes for 3 year olds to discard on a whim thus forcing a 33 week pregnant women to drag bike, dog and 1 year old by the hand (who's still crying because he wants wheels)???

We finally get home, bike is dragged to the porch before my arm falls off - these little bikes are made of steel! Sam continues to cry for wheels so I frantically go out to the garage to find one, didn't realize he was "ready" at 18mo. Find one of Charlotte's previous styles but he just wants to walk with it. Puzzling, this is not going to work. While I take Sam back inside for another option, Charlotte takes off on 2nd option bike.

Go back to garage for smaller scoot bike. He's happy to sit on it and then pick it up and drag it while big sister has abandoned 2nd option bike on the sidewalk in front of someones home and come to hover over Sam's prize. She refuses to ride it home. I drag 2nd option bike back to our porch. Meanwhile Sam, chasing after me falls flat on his face because his shoe has come off. The velcro is not working any more. I put it back on and he falls again two seconds later.

Frustration does not adequately describe this afternoon.

I rush both kids into the house, gather purse/diaper bag and rush them both to the van for impromptu Target run for new shoes. I guess I should mention his second pair are also problematic in that he seems to frequently fall in them. He just got both 2 months ago and seems to have just grown out of both of them. Anyway! We get settled into a van that is 110 degrees, thank you South Florida, you are a dream to live in, and we take off for a very long ride to Target. It's only 10 minutes away but I drive 30 minutes just to cool down the van to 80 degrees and settle my fried nerves. Worth it.

Target - I love you. I can get milk, frozen pizza's, Chobani Greek Yogurt and kids shoes!

The kids behave beautifully but I'm required to get Charlotte a new pair of shoes as well because well she's 3, demanding and only had one pair she'd previously wear.

We arrive to the only check out counter that's visibly open and after standing for 10 minutes are told we are in the 10 item check out line, I have 11 items. Okay, I'll just pick up all my stuff and go find another counter. Honestly I'm beyond caring at this point but the lady behind me is so mad! We trail the opposite side of Target, for some reason they don't have any more registers open and get back in line. Mad lady asks if she can give Charlotte a juice box, which is so sweet and we finally check out.

Pack everything into the van, including Charlotte and she suddenly needs to use the bathroom. Of course you do. Back out and into Target. Finish at restrooms, back to van, change Sam's diaper just for good measure and hit the road.

Charlotte wants to wear her new shoes home but she won't let me cut the tag off, you know, the elastic cord that connects both shoes together. Cue bewilderment from mom. She actually walks from the van to the house, a 5-10 minute walk depending on how many things we stop to examine along the way (you know hydrants, little lights with caps that are so interesting, light poles). Anyway, she literally walks the entire way with her shoes connected, while holding Sam's hand and kinda running!

Now I'm home, frozen pizza's are baking in the oven and the house is filled with smoke because of a failed experiment from husband burning wax off of wooden candle sticks 3 days prior that has not burned out of the oven yet.

I'm done now. Yeah it's time for the kids to eat, go to bed and and and, well honestly I don't even care anymore! Maybe I'll just stare off into space for awhile, in silence. Yes, silence!


Amanda said...

That is quite a day...enjoy your silence I think you earned it.
BTW, I'd much rather have your 87 degrees to the 10 or so centimetres of snow we got today. :)

Katrina Ryder said...

Because I just got back from datenight, I was able to laugh at this. Otherwise, I would have sobbed, understanding the bone aching exhaustion of such a day. If Dylan didn't wear all his shoes to shreds, I would send them to you. He needs new ones too, but I've been putting off our inevitable Target fiasco. Maybe tomorrow if I'm feeling insane enough . . . .

Kim said...

One kid on a bike is okay, but two kids on a bike is pretty tough to manage by myself. And Target is a mom's best friend.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Whew, your Friday sounds really frustrating! I will give you this, you're awfully brave to go out with two small fries and 33 weeks prego. I hope this week fairs better for you, dearie!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Ohhhhhhh man I'm dizzy and exhausted from reading this - is this a typical day for you, you poor thing? And really? 11 items should be allowed to squeak through. That's crazy.

Crystal N said...

Hugs. I totally empathize. I hate e's trike and scooter and now that we have a car, i will occasionally just drive to have them contained and out of strangling reach.