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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Working Mommy Wednesday

Hi Ladies, welcome to a new week of Working Mommy Wednesday. I'm opening this up for you to link whatever you want to write about.
See this as an opportunity to SHARE whatever is on your mind about work or anything.

I'd like to share some helpful links that I find very inspiring

4 Word Women
- a website for professional Christian women 20's - 40's who are looking for mentor ship from a group of executives who have some really impressive backgrounds. Not sure where they are going with this site, but they keep adding professional women to the board who are sure to have incredible insights into finding balance as a Christian women in today's professional work world.

Be Positive Mom
- did you know our very own WMW contributor has many awesome tips on how to take the very best care of oneself? If you haven't been there I highly recommend a visit. It's right there in the name - be positive! You simply cannot visit without feeling better about oneself.

Susan DiMickele
- did you know another WMW contributor leads a working mom's devotional every Friday?

- our very own creator of WMW is still posting inspiring workouts! I can't wait to be done with pregnancy and join her on this journey. If you need a little push in the work out area, go check her out!

Still the Sea
- Ginny Reddick is the nutrition coordinator of the Chick-fil-A Wellness Program and now writes for Still the Sea. Check out her weekly advice every Thursday. Last week was the 3 day challenge to eat a more balanced diet for energy!

I'm loving this site, if you are pinning then link up with me here!

This is where I spend my time! I'm looking forward to your stories today!!

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