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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Working Mommy Wednesday

Welcome to a new week of Working Mommy Wednesday. I've been reading Diane Paddison's book "Work, Love, Pray" and these prompts were inspired by Chapter 2.
1. Name the people who influenced you into becoming the professional you are today.
2. Does your job take advantage of your natural talents and abilities?
I'll take prompt #2
Yes, my job does take advantage of my ability to manage a very wide, diverse workload that goes beyond my title and position. My job as Director of Product Development is to manage the creative process of currently 425 projects. I handle all costing details of each product developed, negotiations with clients/Asia factories and manage the costing questions and issues that come up internally. I also support the packaging and some production details of each even though there is a totally separate department for production.
I have always relished in the ability to do more than is expected of me but lately I've had to push back. My top girl left in December so the creative department is short staffed, I've had to reorganize internally, press more responsibilities to our capable Hong Kong office staff and accept the fact that I can't do every task that is asked of me.
I am also preparing for maternity leave and trying to get an entire office un-dependent of me! This has required a new level of management I haven't previously experienced. In the past 2 pregnancies, I'd train the girl directly under me to handle my work load while I was out for 5-6 weeks (yes I take short leaves). I'm down to 10 weeks before babies due date - potentially 5 weeks considering my first daughter came early so I don't have the luxury of relying on one person to step into my role for the interim.
I have had to push back on many issues, every single day. It's actually becoming fun to make others more independent. Hopefully I can come back to a more supervisory role. Hopefully I've made enough strides they will not flounder without me. I hope!!
I am looking forward to your stories! Link up below and I'll stop by your blog later this week.

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