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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Learning to say NO, to myself

I am a relentless taskmaster and aggressive when it comes to deadlines with all involved. If I say it has to be done by a certain date there is simply no alternative and everyone who gets in my way suffers.

Sounds fun, right? Maybe for my employers because I meet impossible deadlines but for my poor family I can be a nightmare.

As I count down the days until baby #3 arrives I've had to sloooooow down because my body is slowing down and I'm too tired to do all the things I think I should be capable of.

For example:
* I planned for husband to take 3 cats to the pet clinic set up on Wednesday from 5:30 - 7:30 for Rabies shots. I planned on getting off work at 5:30 to come home and help him but left at 6:30. Normally I'd still expect to go but in driving home I thought, I'll get home by 6:45, if husband has not started loading pets into crates he will have to find all the crates, probably rebuild them if they are flattened, wrestle 3 angry cats into cages and put all in the van while I distract Sam. Even if we somehow managed to do that in 15 minutes, there would be mass stress to get to the clinic on time and we'd be hungry. So we canceled and had a lovely evening at home.

* Today I planned to stop by Costco for tax software but ended up leaving work right before lunch because I felt too tired to get through the rest of the day without a nap. If I can't manage to sit at work all day then I certainly shouldn't be waltzing into a warehouse for tax software on an empty stomach! Besides, isn't the tax deadline mid-April Miss Overachiever???

* I haven't finished my meal plan for the week, um, it's Thursday. How did that happen? Spent too many evenings watching TV with husband instead of sitting at the computer. We are flying by the seat of our pants this week, and surviving!


Katrina said...

Good for you! There are worst things in life than not having a meal plan and doing your taxes in April. ;)

Amanda said...

Sometimes you just need to fly by the seat of your pants. :D

Crystal N said...

I am equally guilty of needing to learn to tell myself no. Taking care of yourself is something I'm much better at telling others to do it than doing it myself.