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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Working Mom Wednesday

Anything work related about your job from the past week or two... good, bad, venting, a story.
(this blog topic hosted by Julia and Amanda)

The toy company I work for is primarily a plush toy manufacturing base for the Disney parks and stores. We develop the plush toys in Vietnam, work through a licensor approval process and manage the production. Its routine work, creativity is needed in material selection and character interpretation but we are always working on a defined character.

Two years ago our senior designer and boss decided to create our very own special property. We are a small team of designers and everyone has worked incredibly hard to bring the toys and characters to life. It’s been so exciting to work on something where we define the characters look and personality and we are finally at the unveiling stage!

Presenting - My1Story

My1Story successfully reintroduces timeless classics in a colorful and entertaining way. Its broad appeal and cross-generational awareness make it a lovable brand to reach Parents and Grandparents in the Infant and Pre-School categories.

Visit our website to see the stories come to life with animation. At this point only Lil’ Riding Hood is fully animated with voice and music and the other stories will be available later this year.


If you really like our property you can become a fan on our Facebook page!

Our next steps are finding partners to help us grow the property. To date we’ve attended the June Licensing show and been featured in Toy Fare magazine.

I’d love to get your feedback – good and bad - seriously we welcome all comments and take everything into serious consideration.


SarahMarie said...

I will have to check out the webpage. What a great concept!

Rumour Miller said...

Sounds exciting!

Julia Ladewski said...

my daughter is sleeping, but i think she would love this!! very cool!! can't wait to hear more about it!!!!!

crazywildberry said...

When I get some time and the kiddos seem up for it, I will do as I promised. :) Good luck and when my computer is behaving, I will get about the task! :)