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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Two weeks ago when I failed the fetal fibronectin test I was quietly freaking out - it's a test that's supposed to be a 50/50 indicator of going into early labor. I failed it on the day my mom was leaving town. The same day I had to quickly schedule an afternoon consultation with Risky doctor to review options for having a baby between 32-33 weeks and missed taking my mom to the airport. I wanted to ask her to stay but she had something important to return home to do. When I expressed my fear and concerns she told me firmly, "we are going to have faith and we will get through this".

Here I am two weeks later, still pregnant and baby boy has experienced phenomenal growth in this time period. He grew 1lb 12oz in two weeks, the typical max is 1/2 pound per week at this point. He's now estimated to be 6lbs 12oz which puts him at a great weight if born at this point because one of the requirements to check out of NICU is to be 6lbs. Friday's ultrasound showed him practicing breathing which is also a great sign.

I humbly give thanks for my faithful mama and to God for keeping my son safe and growing in these past two weeks.


Unknown said...

YAY! Way to grow little guy! Hang in there and enjoy your last few days (weeks?) of pregnancy! (if you can in this hot weather! :0)

crazywildberry said...

What do those doctors and their tests really know? I am so excited that you have gotten this far. I am believing for 37 weeks. I think Charlotte coming at 34 or 35 weeks was just a fluke! And, aren't Moms of faith great? My mother steers me straight once in a while too. :)

Rumour Miller said...

Hang in there! Only 32 days to go according to your widget on the side.

Fingers crossed for you and your little man.