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Saturday, June 12, 2010

At a loss for how to truly appreciate "light" bed rest

Friday - after completing all job responsibilities husband put baby down for I managed to catch a 30 minute snooze.

Score - 1 for "light" bed rest"

Baby woke up a little early so we cuddled on the couch for about a 1/2 hour watching cartoons

Score - 2 for "light" bed rest"

We both got bored so I moved onto reorganizing one shelf of books and sorted through old magazines while sitting on the floor.

Score - 1 non rest activity (because it required far more effort in stretching than I anticipated)

Moving onto dishes because the sink was full of dirty ones and there were no clean bottles.

Score - 2 non rest activity (because I was told no household chores)

Moving onto dinner because well I needed to eat! Turn coffee table upside down so toddler doesn't continue to stand on it in a brazen attempt to get my attention causing me to constantly pull her off and put her in time out.

Score - 3 non rest activity (on feet longer than I anticipated)

Let toddler outside for 15 minutes around 7pm while dinner is cooking - temperature is still 90 degrees and sweltering.

Score - 4 non rest activity (due to over heating and having to carry kicking screaming child back inside)

Finally at 7:30 eat dinner with toddler; she happily eats the Paprika Chicken and Kielbasa on egg noodles and put her to bed by 8.

Score - 3 "light" bed rest"

Finish evening at the computer watching the past weeks episode of Glee and reading blogs for 2 hours.

Score 4 "light" bed rest"

Total for "light bed rest" = 4
Total for "non-rest activities" = 4

Okay we are even. So I equally rested for the amount of work done. Maybe that's not so bad.

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