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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I've heard the story that girls want to marry someone like their father - I did that but not intentionally! I've just noticed over the years all the similarities my husband has to my father and I wish they could have spent more time together doing projects and building furniture. Unfortunately my daddy passed away 6 years ago. He was truly an incredible person full of life and energy and I think the most important thing he taught me was to travel and enjoy every minute of life to the fullest.

Happy Father's day to my husband, who is a brilliant dad to Charlotte and to my daddy in heaven. My life is so rich and full from knowing both of you.

PS. note to self when reading this next year, because I like to drop back a year and see what we did before.

Father's day was fabulous and we didn't follow any of "the plans" for the day to go to a water park which would have made everyone too hot and cranky. Instead we dressed nice, found a half empty restaurant by luck and even though they were understaffed and it took 2 hours to eat brunch, they brought plenty of bread and drinks to keep everyone happy. Awesome part - boss sent random text saying take family out to eat on him!

After brunch we stopped by the Carousel on the way home. Mema got to ride with Charlotte. We dropped them both off at home to take naps and husband and I got an entire afternoon together to watch Toy Story 3 in the theater and got ice cream. What a totally awesome day! Oh and Mema paid for our movie and ice cream. Seriously it can't get much better than this!!! Childcare and a paid for day out!!!


amanda said...

What a great picture...Happy Father's Day to your husband.

crazywildberry said...

Happy Father's Day, Rachel and Mike. Hope you found something fabulous to do to celebrate!