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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

When routine doctor's visits go wrong!!!

Today was supposed to be a normal day - take mom with me to doctor's appointment, see some cute ultra sounds of baby boy, discuss my growing concerns for going into labor early - something I thought was just a discussion! Not cause for an entire day of hospital monitoring!!!!

That's right - an entire day of hospital monitoring. I checked in at 11 and checked out at 4:30. Got super ultrasound to check babies movements and fell asleep in dark room while it took 30 minutes to catch him breathing on his own - that's a good sign for almost 33 weeks. They gave me an 8 out of 10. Moving onto machine monitoring of babies movements and no contractions for me. Then around 1pm we did the fetal fibronectin test which put me in the most horrific of positions and was extremely uncomfortable and thought I might be done by 2pm but the test had a problem! And they couldn't redo the test the same day!! So they waited even longer to process the test anyway only to find out it was non-conclusive so I got to leave by 4:30 and need to redo the test tomorrow at doctor's office.

Fortunately the city in Vietnam where most of my product development is handled had a scheduled power outtage today so there were no product photos to review! So not going into work was okay.

On bed rest till we get a positive or negative result. Mood - Bewildered

ps. I forgot to add that I ate breakfast at 8:30 and was not allowed to eat anything once I was checked into the hospital on the "chance" that testing turned out positive which would have lead to being admitted into the hospital to stay. So if this situation every happens to you, EAT before getting to the hospital! I had a gap between 8:30 and 5:30 with no food. I went into a weird fast mode where I was okay but it's pretty weird to not eat food for that long when 8 months pregnant!!!

pps. I also forgot to mention that upon leaving we found we were locked in! It took a nurse to let us out with a card hanging around her neck!!! I swear at one point we were ready to bolt but clearly they knew that and had that ward locked down. I'm not going back until I am in serious labor ya'll.


amanda said...

Needless to say I hope that tomorrow's visit goes much better than today's. Hope all turns out perfectly fine and it's just the drs. being overly cautious.

R. Molder said...

Thanks Amanda, I really think they are being overly cautious!

crazywildberry said...

I know they want to be over-cautious due to your first pregnancy, but there is some that i scratch my head to. Like, is all this fancy technology really worth it? 50 years ago they wouldn't be running all these test. Makes me wonder...

Grit said...

well i hope that it all goes smoothly there for you tomorrow. and you just reminded me too of the indignities, privations and surprises of pregnancy! youch!