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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've become really stingy with the food bill

I'm trying to atone for many years of blissful food shopping. This year I've resolved to get food budget under control and set a weekly and monthly limit.


Sometimes I run out of time on the weekends to get all the shopping done so I leave a long list for husband to complete. And he is more indulgent.

This week I got croissants - a 24 variety pack!!! Like I need that many croissants but how can I really complain??? They are too good.


Anonymous said...

I could use some croissants - maybe not 24, but it sure sounds good.

I should be stricter with the food budget, but I figure we rarely eat out so we can live it up a bit at the store.

crazywildberry said...

I have been getting more stingy about our eating out. We used to go out once a week after church. However, we just picked up a new-to-us car. And along with it came the bill. (Aw, shucks!) Well, the family has been so used to getting Chinese after church that it's been a hard habit to break. But, you know what, a sandwich is fine. And we can make something better for Sunday dinner.