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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random Bits

I took baby to a park picnic today. We were an hour late because she woke up from her nap and took 1/3 of her bottle. I tried for an entire hour to get her to take the rest of it but she refused. I did not previously know an 8 month old could be so determined - tossing herself backwards in a rainbow shape in protest, causing me to hang onto her legs as she dangles over the side of the rocker.

Does anyone freak out about germs from other kids touching your child? I'm not used to children and I just don't know what to do when they come over and pet my baby. Do I tell them to stop. Grab my baby and pull her against my chest. And what to do when she reaches out to touch their face? I try to pull her back because she can be really rough with us but at least her nails are freshly trimmed.

I let her shred a pine cone because I forgot toys - which she would have thrown in the dirt anyway. Perhaps I should clip the toy to my clothes? She tried to eat the pine cone and I spent the next half hour hovering to keep it out. My social responses became limited to, her name is Charlotte and she's 8 months old, as I braced her for standing/jumping and socializing with the other little girls.

She went on her first swing ride and loved it. I only panicked a bit when she leaned forward - what if she throws herself into the back of the swing and freaks out? She's so small in there. And why didn't I come equipped with whips on my person. She's hanging onto that swing and God knows what germs have been there.

Can you tell we don't get out much??? Go ahead, you can tell me to calm down and take a giant chill pill.


Grit said...

ah, i had forgotten this bit of going out with those conflicting needs of wanting your child to explore the world and simultaneously wishing they wouldn't! well, all i can comfort with is that my attention was probably much less focused, divided between three... and they HAVE SURVIVED! there is probably still a bit of pine cone stuck in someone's insides, but what the heck! they're growing up close to nature! x

Anonymous said...

The first time I ever took my son to the park and actually let him touch the grund (he was almost a year old) he ate an entire handful of dirt.

I used to worry a lot more about germs and stuff - how I've just kind let it go. As soon as they get really mobile there really isn't any stopping them. They will be touching other kids non-stop. I think it all works out and a few germs are actually a good thing.

Good luck.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Why didn't you come equipped with whips?! Heh.

I was the same way with my firstborn. With my son, it's been impossible. He picks stuff up off the floor and eats it all the time, before I can do anything about it. Yesterday, Hubs caught him licking his rainboots after he came in from playing in the snow.

And you know what? He's been sick FAR less than his germ-free sister was at that age!

Try not to sweat it. :)