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Sunday, February 15, 2009

God always shows up

Last week my car needed a simple part replaced. A switch in the door turns off the radio and clock when the door is opened. It had stopped working and I knew my battery would run dead if I ever forgot and left the radio on all night. I've been rather absent minded since having the baby so I knew it was bound to happen. Cost $235.85

In January my baby had an enormous bump on her head. I never saw her hit her head and I found the bump in the evening on a Sunday. Not knowing what it could be, we took her to the doctor's office the next morning and they sent her out for a CT Scan. Cost $200.00 (I just opened this bill, didn't know we were required to pay 10% of the cost).

Yesterday I opened an EXTRA check for my husband. He had been paid for unused vacation time last year. Net $505.94

Once we pay tithe, we've broken even! God knew exactly what we needed and he provided at exactly the right time.

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