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Saturday, February 07, 2009

I want my $200 back

My Pontiac Grand Am is a beautiful fire engine red. I love the seats, so comfortable to slid in and out of. The 6 cylinder engine has all the power I crave without giving me too much to get crazy with,


it has some really irritating features and lousy American made parts that don't last.

Yesterday I paid $200 just to fix a stupid switch in the door that turns off the radio and clock. Yes that's right, the designers at GM thought it would be swell to let the radio play after the car is turned off, key removed and continue playing until door is opened. Because how often do you just want to sit around in your car once you've arrived at said location??? Really have you ever just wanted to sit around in your car and listen to the radio or CD player? I want to meet the buttwipe who thought this was a really great idea and smack him or her around and demand repayment of my $200 for this failed feature.

I was forced to fix this because since the switch broke, the radio could be turned off but clock stayed on and would have eventually run my battery dead. I know this because it happened before when the car was under warranty.

Pontiac Grand Am - you are on notice!


Jan said...

I feel your pain. As one who tends to drive a car until there are no original parts left on it, I have replaced some ridiculous parts in my life. My daughter drives an old Bonneville that does the same thing with the radio that plays after you shut the car off and remove the key from the ignition. Hope I don't have to pay for that repair!!

Rachel M. said...

I paid for the repair because I have become so adelbrained since having the baby that I knew it was just a moment of time before I left the radio on and killed the battery. I guess it's a life lesson of something to look out for when buying a new car.