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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random Bits Cont.

Work has been really crazy lately. CEO had the nerve to go and get severe pneumonia and regardless of the many times I've wished he'd just take a month off I now realize that was really stupid of me because I'm left dealing with a Project Manager who's doing his job of handling unusual client needs.

PM has taken to following me around the office to ask excessive questions. She follows me in the door as I arrive to work, she ask questions during lunch and if I leave for lunch follows me around the office the second I return, she peppers me with questions in the morning when I'm trying to work with London who leaves by noon so I need to take advantage of the few hours available. She is driving me over the edge - or was until I really pissed her off by telling her I couldn't meet with her one morning and had to have a stand off meeting in CFO's office. We leaped on each other, pulled hair, clawed eyes out and finally resolved to a communication compromise that meant I'd tell her what's going on in creative but not every second of the day as it's happening.

The week ended better then what it started and we are friends again. CEO needs to get better NOW and come back. I've had enough of trying to think - what would CEO do when things get crazy.

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