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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Musical toys

ChaInspired by story on Grit's Blog: http://gritsday.blogspot.com/

I've made many musical toys, one of my favorites is the Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog music for a Clubhouse Bus that plays a musical version for about 30 seconds. An older favorite is a 3 Dwarfs tower that sings a Christmas song for about one minute. Most recently I've only done character voice sound boxes for Nemo, Squirt and for the upcoming Pixar film Up.

Charlotte's grandparents sent an electronic book. Press the button and it plays a little jingle to the sound of London bridge is falling down and a few bark sounds. At first it was really cute to get baby to press the button and giggle while she played. Now I walk away humming this song and it's starting to drive me a bit mad. I'm very sensitive with music, once it's stuck I have to listen to several other songs to get the repeater out of my head. Or find a song I like to put on repeat.

I've a new theory. Toy designers should really become parents before unleashing toys upon the world.

That and I'm switching to simple musical instruments because no matter how much Charlotte bangs on her keyboard, the tunes do not get stuck in my head.


Suburban Turmoil said...

I love that you're a toy designer and now a PARENT talking about how annoying those tunes can be on toys!! That's cracking me up. :D

radiografisch vliegtuig said...

Great job dude, and Yeah I am total agree with you. I would like to see some pictures or video's of your awesome job. Musical toys are very safe and interesting to play for kids and it is nice to heard that you have made these kind of toys.