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Thursday, February 12, 2009

My friend moved away today

and I didn't get to say goodbye. In fact, I haven't seen her since ... November. In December we promised to visit in January and then January flew by while I occasionally waited for her to call. I don't like to press people when they are packing for a big life changing move but I didn't realize today was the move. Earlier this week she said, yeah lets meet up on Tuesday or Thursday and yet today when I called her she was actually on her way out of town today.

I remember my move to California from Florida in 2001. I was 26. I remember getting to the night before the big move and I broke down because I had sent the majority of our stuff on the company moving van and I had kept what I thought was a FEW items to carry in our truck to drive across country. I completely underestimated the size of our truck and we couldn’t fit everything! I keep saying "I" because husband kept trying to tell me to send more on the moving van. So we had to throw stuff away (including the full size bike model from my graduate thesis) and Husband got really creative with packing the truck so we got the necessary stuff in but we couldn’t see out the back because it was piled so high!!! Then we had to clean the entire apartment, it took all day and that night we ended up sleeping at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale. That’s right; we made it from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, a 45 minute drive, on our first day of travel (for any Europeans reading this it takes 5 days to cross the country with about 10 hours driving time per day). Oh and when we were about to leave, one of our cats found a hole that had been blocked the entire time we lived there with a trash can and she chose that time freak out and hide! It was rough. So I understand.


crazywildberry said...

Sorry to hear that you missed sending off your friend. Did she move far?

R. Molder said...