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Friday, April 29, 2011

The impact of travel on personal life

Travel impacts life in a thousand ways. It's hard to quantify the full impact to one's personal life. Suffice it to say, life does not progress. Every evening away in another country means one less night to do important things like:

Bills, filing and updating receipts in ledger - one comes home to an ominous pile of mail.

Van still needs oil change.

Car still needs repairs.

Computer broke right before I left, it sits waiting for me to make a decision on what new model to buy.

Kitchen floor sits, with the same dirty spots as when I left, not having had time to clean it.

Dining table has the same Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stickers, waiting for some Goo Gone or other cleaner.

Empty glass baby jars and spice jars sit where I left them, needing to be boiled to have labels removed.

Kids room sits with the same sheets on the beds, needing to be changed.

Parents room sits with the same sheets, needing to be changed.

Laundry baskets sit with the exact same laundry in them as when I left.

Recycling sits in the pantry, waiting to be taken to it's special drop off.

Outgrown kids clothes need to be put away meaning a reorganization of closet to fit everything.

Sam has suddenly learned to crawl and will be on the floor frequently meaning the following changes must be made ASAP!!!
  • Carpet to be steam cleaned
  • Toys divided between kids and assigned in separate toy boxes
  • Tile floors moped and cleaned - ur more regularly
  • Tiny toys taken away so Sam does not choke on them
It's exhausting coming home!!! On top of all that I got a cold and jet lag has been especially tiring this time.

And by the time one full week rolls around, there is a mountain of laundry and today is the day the washer stops working - right in the middle of wash cycle :(


Caterina said...

Not sure if it makes you feel any better, but I have all those things on my list (minus the recycling) and I haven't traveled anywhere! Not sure what that says about me, but, honestly, things just pile up so fast. It's frustrasting.

Amanda said...

Can't say my list is any shorter either...and nope, haven't travelled either. Hmmm, not sure what that says though. Wish I had a magic wand or a week to come down and help you. Of course the week is completely selfish on my part...it's warmer down there! Still had a fleece and winter coat on last night.

Amy Sullivan said...

You aren't alone. Most of these things are hanging over my head, and I didn't even travel far.

Praying you find away to get the important done and let the rest fall.