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Saturday, April 02, 2011

I can tell from my stats you want me to write more

So here's the latest in reverse:

4:45pm - 8mo has not napped ALL DAY! The entire house is dark, fish tank is off, only the light of my work laptop glows to light up my face - yet baby boy sits in his bouncer smiling up at me saying "ya ya ya, ba ga ga ga". Big sister still sleeping.

4:40pm - I typed the following into twitter "scrolling through twitter feed, hoping he will sleep already ". Surprisingly, no one has put this tag into a tweet - like ever! I am positive there are people out there ignoring their babies in hopes they will sleep.

4:15pm - fed baby boy 8oz bottle, assuming I'm not making enough milk to fill him up. Still didn't go to sleep after another 15 minutes in dark bathroom.

3:35pm - breast fed baby boy, then bounced him in pitch black bathroom for over 30 minutes trying to rock him to sleep and he's not buying it! "Ra ra ra, goo goo, ga ga", he says.

3:30pm - tied our adorable and extremely annoying Cavalier King Charles dog to the porch. Hoping someone WILL take him. Contemplating putting a sign around his neck that reads "FREE". Neighbor dogs are in heat, apparently it's driving him a bit crazy and me as a result.

3:25 - put big sister to bed

3:25 - finally home from Costco


rapunzel said...

What a day! I hated when Morgan napped too late and then didn't want to sleep at night.

Caterina said...

I like the REVERSE :) interesting way to read.

Sorry to hear about the napping woes, but goo goo ga ga's are cute ;)