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Friday, April 22, 2011

What does Stress accommplish? Or plans for that matter??

After 24 hours of traveling I was quite intense about getting to my hotel room and sleeping as long as possible. I emerged from the plane at 10:15 in Dallas, TX and immediately marched to the train, aiming for Terminal C which I remembered being home to the Hyatt.

Somewhere along the way, while finally chatting with husband without worrying about the enormous cost or dealing with used up phone cards, I noticed Terminal D had the Hyatt. Must have gotten confused. Jumped off and ran in all the way calculating in my head how much time I had left to sleep before 8:30am flight. Got to the ticket counter and they said, you're at the wrong Hyatt, go downstairs and we'll send a bus.

I waited 20 minutes, getting more and more agitated as time crept past 11pm. How could there be TWO Hyatt's at one airport?

I finally land in my room at 11:30pm, order soup, pump, quickly email out some files I had done on the plane and drop into bed. Sleep solid for what seems an entire night but was only 1.5 hours. Back to sleep to wake every hour. After 4 hours it became clear my body had received sufficient sleep. So here I sit, wondering why I bothered to get all stressed and counting the hours remaining, wondering how I'd get through my day on 5 hours of sleep.

So in summary, don't worry, life has a way of doing it's own thing without your permission.

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Unpolished Parenting said...

Oh I so get this :)

Have you heard the new(ish) Francesca Battistelli song called This is the Stuff. Ironically I was singing it to myself in bed this morning when I woke up an hour and half early and thought about everything I needed to accomplish. It's very fitting.