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Monday, April 11, 2011

A post where I get very self-centered and grumpy

A day in the factory is like purgatory, there is absolutely no way to know when one will be freed. One might as well resign themselves to eating dinner after 9pm, going to bed after 11pm and rushing back to the same hot sweaty office the following day in China after ironing one’s outfit to look semi-presentable.

Then one must expect another day of sitting in hot sweaty office waiting for people to give quotes, and those quotes will be unreasonable. Next there will be the obligatory KFC lunch which resembles nothing seen in the US – it’s confusing. Eat rapidly with attention focused elsewhere and dream of fresh veggies and fruit.

Onto the next factory in which they made all the samples wrong from misinformation and found all the colors are off so can’t figure out how they got approved. Travel partner promised a one hour stop but she’s addicted to her new Mac and spent an extra half hour reading/answering emails.

Packed up and stood behind her to indicate time to go! Went to bathroom and forgot tissue pack, fortunately had a random few in purse (factory bathrooms lack toilet tissue)

Finally leave factory at 5pm.

Get back to hotel at 8pm.

Too late to have dinner with friends having blast at night market with Indian food. Boooooo.

Um, otherwise everything’s going fine.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck!