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Monday, May 02, 2011

I want PIZZA!

I WANT Pizza!

I want Pizzaaaaaaaaaa!

We are standing in line right now for the Pizza darling.

I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant Pizzaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Just need to wait a few more minutes, please move out of the line so other people can get through.


Why don't we pack all the Costco groceries in the van while pizza is baking? Good idea, off we go following a little girl dressed in watermelon dress as she runs full speed towards the exit guy, a plastic fork in one hand, plastic spoon in the other. She stops just before crashing into a women's bottom, veers madly around her and runs up to exit guy with our receipt in hand waving madly back towards our cart. Wait your turn sweetie, we call ahead.

We run through the parking lot, narrowly missing more carts and people. We retell the story that she must hold our hand or a car might hurt her then Mema would be sad, daddy would be sad, mommy would be sad, Pepa would be sad, Mark and Tina would be sad, Papa and Nana would be sad - these are her words, we only started with mommy and daddy would be sad.

At the van, groceries are loaded and I return to the store with a suddenly tired little girl who now must be carried the entire way.

We collect pizza and trudge slowly back to the van. Load girl and pizza, stop for gas and head home. Somewhere along the way she get's over tired and done the entire day.

At home.

No Pizza.




Okay fine sweetie, we will eat it.

She finally comes over and eats two bites with much fussing over touching it. Massive parent eye rolling.

Sam goes to bed while Charlotte lays on couch moaning about needing a milk bottle. Bottles are for babies dear, how about warm milk in a straw cup? Okay!

She drinks 1/4 of the cup and is done.

It's a good thing she's our daughter, otherwise....


Unknown said...

Rachel, I love your artistic ability to write a story about the events in your life!!!! This absolutely nails the personality of that baby girl & her parents' patience!!!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing they are cute!