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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last Saturday in Hong Kong

Desperate to get out of spending the day with boss and our Hong Kong general manager because they had plans for Dim Sum lunch and all day shopping trip - in part because I loathe carrying breast pump equipment for hours, I hate shopping crowds and I don't care for Dim Sum. So I politely declined, stayed in hotel room for a while longer and worked on quotes for next week's time in Vietnam.

Around 2:30, I finally ventured out with a mission for 3 things:
1. People Magazine at Star Harbor - there's a guy who's been selling it for years, it's the only US magazine I can get over here and it makes me feel a little closer to home.

2. British Afternoon Tea - there's just something magical about the picture with all the little pastries and sandwiches while reading "Unbroken", by Laura Hillenbrand.

3. A bar of soap at Aveda to replace the one left at last hotel I hurriedly checked out of. Hate hotel soap.

It's nice to have some alone time in a trip that's been full of work activities!

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