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Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 1 in Vietnam

Today went progressively better than yesterday. I know what it is, I hate to be alone on a trip. It's true! I get cranky and upset on the weekends when I'm alone too long and fantasize about sudden illnesses that might result in immediate departure.

I woke at 6am, snoozed for 30 minutes, then decided I might as well get started with the day. If I really try hard I could be waiting for my ride on time at 9am, which is exactly what I did.

Breakfast was non-eventful and boring. Why didn't I buy more Starbucks banana bread when I had the chance? There were no decent pastries in the breakfast bar.

Spent the morning lecturing everyone in sight on the need to improve everywhere. Tried really hard to tone it down when two girls looked at me with big doe eyes and I swear they were looking teary eyed. I'm not a mean person - REALLY! I just want to get samples at a reasonable time, not one week before the ship date, in wrong condition while being told I must push for final approval.

Had lunch with the dynamic duo who run our facilities. Afterwards, they dropped me off at the hotel for an hour to pump. But I only need 15 minutes I said. We'll be back in an hour, they said. Well okay, I guess I could get a super strong latte in the restaurant afterwards. Which will be delivered without sugar in sight and I'll wait another 5 minutes while that's located along with investigation on the potential of dessert to which I'll finally be told cannot do because kitchen is closed. It's really my own fault, I'm sure I confused everyone by walking in mid-day and demanding things out of the norm.

So we finished our day in the sample room. I made sure to find all sorts of things wrong with every toy in sight, because that's what I do. Then at dinner they told me to be more critical and that I'd gotten soft in my old age and they expected more of me. A challenge! Sounds like fun!!

Finally back in the hotel room, I have no phone service so can't call husband. He has no computer to SKYPE back. So in the absence of any form of communication I think I'll just go to bed. Well it IS 11:26pm.


Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie...what a rough couple of days. I'm thinking of you. If you're lonely, you can always tell me you need to talk. I'm at least in a similar time zone.

R. Molder said...

I think that's what's aggravating me the most, I don't have a phone here! I've asked and they just laugh. Also, it's to freaking hot! This week cannot go fast enough.

Cat said...

If I had someway to nominate you for a SPA WEEK at some fabulous spa, I would! You need some pampering (if you like that kinda thing).


R. Molder said...

Well I did get a foot massage last night :)